26 Jun

Free-to-play online FPS Battlefield: Heroes has been made available to the entire public today. The browser-based shooter, which is somewhat similar to Quake Live, has already been in closed beta for quite some time now. Initially scheduled for a release during the summer of 2008, the game has been faced with multiple setbacks and delays. Similar to the other games in the Battlefield series, the game has been developed by EA DICE, and focuses on objective-based online multiplayer.

Despite the fact that the game was officially in a closed beta stage up till now, the developer had been giving out so many keys to those who signed up on the website, that practically all who wanted to participate were allowed to do so. The Open Beta has not been officially announced by DICE, but seeing as players will no longer require Beta keys to register, the registration pages are now open to all. It is likely that DICE has steadily been increasing the amount of players allowed into the game in an attempt to avoid server overloads, which was a common problem when Quake Live was launched earlier this year.

No time window has been given for when the game can be expected to leave the Beta stage.