19 Jul

16_Casual Stalkers

Randy, Kipp and Mats sit down and discuss their week in games through the virtual tubes. The news is bombarded with artificial illumination and the casual question of the week gets a hardcore beating.

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2 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 16: Casual Stalkers”

  1. Come on people, let’s get some feedback and chatter going in the comments, after all that’s what their for.

    Now that we have a comment system the forum feedback posts for the podcast are obsolete.

  2. So the makers of Killing Floor, Tripwire Interactive, live in Roswell Ga? Heh, thats literally right down the street from me. I should visit those guys someday.

    Kipp: “I hate bayonetta” Mats: “Didn’t you say it was going to be great?” Randy: “Are you confusing him with someone else”

    I wonder…

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