12 Aug

Guildford, United Kingdom – BioWare has released 55 new screenshots over the last two days for their upcoming RPG Dragon Age Origins. The game is currently scheduled for a November 3rd release on the PC and Xbox 360 in North America, with a European release following 3 days later. A Playstation 3 version of the game will also be released in November, and although it is clear it that will not launch parallel with the PC and 360 version,┬áno specific date has been confirmed. The vast majority of the released screenshots can be viewed here.

Also, publisher EA has released details surrounding the pre-order incentive pack and the collectors edition of Dragon Age Origins. The collectors edition will include a steel case, a cloth map depicting the world of Dragon Age, a making-of documentary DVD and access to a digital version of the games soundtrack, trailers, wallpapers and concept art. Additionally, players who own the collectors edition of DAO will have exclusive access to three in-game items. The game is now available for pre-ordering at the online EA store, with the collectors edition having a suggested retail price of $75 for consoles and $65 for the PC.

All players who pre-order the game, either the normal or collectors edition, will receive an additional in-game item that allows them to accumulate experience slightly faster than other players, and gain an extra skill point which they may freely distribute to their traits.

Finally, BioWare stated that all original owners of the game, who purchase the game directly from a store or pre-order, will receive two codes which can be used to redeem downloadable content. One of these unlocks an additional party member and associated quests. The second will unlock in-game armour, which once redeemed, will also be available in another of BioWare upcoming titles: Mass Effect 2.

Pre-order bonuses from specific retailers have not yet been detailed.

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