28 Aug

Not to be confused with upcoming Gerard Butler action vehicle Gamer, Ben Gonyo’s GAMERS with an ‘S’ took a successful look into the massive multiplayer online lifestyle. Discussing everything from critics of the lifestyle to “Super Fans,” the film struck enough of a nerve to prompt a transcription of it’s in-depth presentation of gaming to a television series format, set to make rounds at most major studios for pick up. Those gamers looking for a representation of themselves outside the FOX Newsroom and Grand Theft Auto controversies can sign a petition (available here) to bring the series to TV life.

Episode Schedule (as released so far:)

“MMO Games and World of Warcraft”

“Celebrity Players”

“First Person Shooters”

“Game Addiction”

“LARPing and Role Playing”

“Trading Card Games”

“Extreme Game Collectors”

“Board Gaming”