18 Aug

Looks like Atlus isn’t quite done with their remaking fix. Persona 3, a RPG with an eccentric blend of turn-based supernatural combat and high-school simulation, managed to rise to the tops of both fan’s and critic’s must have list when it was released in 2007.  Following it’s surprising success, Atlus released an expanded version, Persona 3: FES, in 2008, with an entire new chapter of nearly 30 hours of additional content. Since Atlus has been keen to re-release and remake their back catalog of Shin Megami Tensei titles on various Sony platforms, Devil Summoner 2 having a recent release on the PS2 and the original Persona being a highly-anticipated PSP remake set for this Fall.

In this vein, the world of Persona 3 has seen another iteration, simply known as Persona 3 Portable. Not much is known about the title yet, the announcement advertisement in a recent issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu offering scant details on what consumers can expect from this second remake. The largest visible change to the formula is the indeed of a new, female character, yet unnamed. A rather quick release date of November 1st is scheduled on the advertisement.


Photo courtesy of PS3Nation


Via VG247 we have received a few more details on the remake. Turns out the female sharing the cover with the Unnamed Protagonist of the console versions is actually an alternate character option for the lead role. At the beginning of Persona 3 Portable, players will be given the option of selecting either a male or female character to represent, the choice being far from cosmetic. For instance, selecting a female protagonist will change the gender of some important NPCs during the course of the adventure, which could lead to alternate relationships with other characters (having the option for a romantic social link with a male character instead of a female, for instance.)

Other changes include shifts in difficulty, transportation, and the ability to fully control your other party members in battle. Other than that, the only new knowledge gained is that the title will be launching side-by-side with the PSPGo! in Japan, no details on any other release leaking from Atlus at this point.

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