28 Aug

Two new PS3 ads have made their way onto the internet and are a bit more direct than other more traditional Sony advertisements. In the first ad we have a gamer asking Sony’s “Director of Rumor Confirmation” to confirm or deny the new ps3 price point. The director denies it, but clearly has $299 advertisements all over his office. In the other is is an unsatisfied girlfriend complaining to the director about how her boyfriend has not connected his Ps3 to the internet and does not take advantage of the pleasures of the PSN, PS Home, and Aromatherapy Candles.

5 thoughts on “Two New PS3 Ads Make Fun of $299 Price Speculation and how the PS3 “Does Everything””

  1. These really are great ads, personally I liked the old ads where they demonstrated the power of the PS3, the ones that allways took place in a white room.

    They did away with what many ads seem to do these days: assume you’re a moron.

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