28 Aug

Ending the month of August with a bang, cell phone company T-Mobile has supplied Xbox LIVE Silver memberships with 72 hours of free membership to Xbox LIVE Gold. The automatic upgrade will allow everyone to participate in Gold-exclusive events and screenings, download exclusive themes/pictures and deals, and have access to video/game content streaming and online play with all other Xbox LIVE Gold members. The free weekend begins at 9am on August 29th, and will continue until the same time August 31st, so make sure to log in to your 360 this weekend and take as much advantage of these free 72 hours as possible, courtesy of T-Mobile.

2 thoughts on “Weekend of Free Xbox LIVE Gold”

  1. Ugh… just make it free already pl0x. I spent $60 on 13 months of LIVE and have barely used it at all, which sucks because it will run out in a month.

  2. OOooh yippee how generous. 72 hours of all Silver members trying to log on at the same time to take advantage of this deal. It’s like when they had Double XP in COD4 that weekend–it was damn near impossible to get online.

    I’ll stick to my free PSN, thank you very much.

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