25 Aug

Nintendo’s Wii Motionplus tech demo, Wii Sports Resort has hit over the 1 million units sold mark since its debut launch on July 26 in the US.  Reports have confirmed that it had sold over this amount in Japan and Europe markets and still escalating.

Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing states that: “Millions of consumers worldwide have demonstrated that they want their summer vacations to keep going, Wii Sports Resort provides both novice and veteran players a fun, virtual escape to a resort island with their friends and family – something that will be even more appealing as the weather turns cooler this fall and winter.”

Wii Sports Resort is filled with 12 sports, split into 24 events retailing at MSRP bundled with the wii motion plus for $49.99.

One thought on ““Wii Sports Resort” Hits 1 Million Sales”

  1. Hoorays! Hopefully we’ll see more developers take advantage of the WMP now, I know I’m holding off until then.

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