23 Sep


Images Courtesy of Joystiq

1. Kaz Takes the Stage!

2. Begins discussing how social networking and Gaming are inseparable.

3. Over 2 Million LBP Levels.

4. User generated content is based around “ watch, create, communication, learn,listen,play, share, and discover”

5. it would take 29 years to play all LBP levels!

6. Onto the Slim

7. First 3 weeks sold around a Million Consoles!

8. Trailer for a variety of games. God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 2, Etc.

9 Begins talking about Blu Ray and its power.

10. The Motion Controller!

11. Can trace individuals, perception, face recognition, changes colors, vibration. Final model!

12. Working with developers to make games for it. Available this Spring.

13. PSP talk begins.

14. 52.9 PSPs Sold world wide.

15. Sizzle Trailer showing Gran Turismo, Hot Shots Golf, Kingdom Hearts, Loco Roco Midnight Carnival, Etc

16. PS2 Time!

17. 9.5 years since Launch

18. Sold 138 Million Consoles!

19. PSN Talk

20. 29 Million PSN Accounts

21. 8 Million Home Users in first 10 months

22. Concludes Conference. More to Come.

23. Apparently its not over, Kaz has sat down is talking about the future of the industry with another gentleman.

24. Kaz is discussing a variety of issues.

25. Discusses the importance of connectivity of devices and blurring lines between networking and user interface.

26. The Motion controller is only a small piece of the overall puzzle. You need the network and the total interface in order to give the user the ultimate experience.

27. Discusses how he is impressed with Rockband, and Guitar Hero. The Beatles have been made even more popular by there recent game. Enhances there music as well.

28. Alright folks thats all. Thanks for stopping by and stay classy.

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