06 Sep

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With the craze of new motion technologies at this year’s e3, Sega has taken the initiative and teased an announcement for Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion controllers to come early 2010. Sega West President Mike Hayes states, “We have our ideas and we know what we want to do, but the technology is pretty new, particularly with Natal, so we’ve got to get to grips with the technology and see if it can do what we want it do.” Sega had plans for a full body motion controller during the Genesis era; now with advancements in technology their vision can be fully visualized. Sony’s eye toy motion controller is predicted to launch spring on next year. Microsoft’s Natal release has not yet been announced.

One thought on “Sega to Announce Natal/Sony Motion Projects Early 2010”

  1. I thought they’d both be out earlier ’cause Grand Slam Tennis, a major Wii MotionPlus title, is slated for a holiday release on the 360 and PS3.

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