26 Sep


One of the premiere names at Microsoft’s Creator Panel at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima had a few interesting things to say about Project Natal. While nothing regarding specific titles on the service were discussed, all present had nothing but praise for the new way of control. Kojima mentioned that working with the service for the first time was “like the 2D to 3D shift…that was the degree of shock I felt…it has the potential to change lifestyle dramatically.” Further Kojima thoughts can be found after the jump.

As the developer of one of the franchise most termed “hardcore” by consumers, Kojima recognized the differing play-types and how Natal would service them. “Casual gaming is going to be quite important,” he mused. “But core games are also going to improve.” Pragmatically, he added, “there will be users who will not be able to get used to [Natal]” because they are so used to using controllers right now.”

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