14 Oct


RPG giant Bioware has made a surprising announcement, that gamers will be offered exclusive downloadable content on the launch day of their upcoming dark fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins. Termed “Warden’s Keep,” the main attraction is a new quest revolving around a new dungeon location, in addition to six new abilities, a merchant trading base, and a host of different items. The DLC comes equipped with a ghostly story of a supposedly haunted castle, guarded once by the game’s main group of badasses: the Grey Wardens. A spiffy Warden’s Armor of sorts sits at the end of the quest as one of the attached items of the DLC. “Warden’s Keep” will retail for $7 on launch day on both PC and PS3, or 560 Microsoft Points.  In addition, the already announced Blood Armor will be available free-to-download on day one as well. Neither piece of DLC will be included, however, in the non-online offered pre-order editions. More DLC details and accompanying trailers follow the jump.

Another detailed piece of DLC is “The Stone Prisoner,” a $15 (1200 MS Points) pack of story missions revolving around a stone golem character, the freedom of which will allow players to add the granite giant to their party. The content will be free to anyone who pre-ordered or purchased a new copy of the game, for more details, see the attached trailer below.


One thought on “Dragon Age Gets Day 1 DLC”

  1. Now, why is this a good idea to release DLC day 1?

    Stupid is the answer. Seriously, release it 4-6 weeks after the game is released, then people won’t have any stigma towards this, cause this says, “We could put it on the disc, but we aren’t gonna put it on the disc.”

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