27 Oct

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Electronic Arts and Double Fine Productions have announced that the first downloadable content package for the third-person action/adventure Brütal Legend will be released on Xbox Live and Playstation Network in the first week of November. For more information, please take the jump.

The package will be called “Tears of the Hextadon” and will release on Xbox Live on November 3rd, at a price of 400 Microsoft points, which equals 5 USD. On Playstation Network, the game will be available on the fifth of November, but will be available free of charge for two weeks, after which it will be available for purchase at $5.

The DLC includes two new multiplayer maps, called “Circle of Tears” and “Death’s Fjord”. Additionally, players that download the package will receive a free new axe, called the “Blade of Ormagöden”.

You can find the Elder-Geek.com review of Brütal Legend here.

Will you be getting the new content package, or has the Metal already died for you? Let us know below!

3 thoughts on “First Brutal Legend DLC Coming Early November”

  1. I’m glad I bought the Playstation 3 version then, definitely picking it up during the free period. Wonder if it contains any new voiced story segments, an extension of the story would be worth it alone.

    1. The end of the game hints at more problems with the Black Tears… I’m thinking it might go more into that.

  2. I actually wish that both versions would be free, and if not, make both versions pay. I hate it when one side gets screwed out of DLC… it just weakens the game experience for the wrong side.

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