15 Nov

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Speaking at the BMO Capital Market Conference last Friday, the Chief Financial Officer of Activision Blizzard stated that the company is seeking new ways to monetize online gameplay. While it would be difficult to replace the cost structure of current games like World of Warcraft, CFO Thomas Tippl stated that players “should expect [Activision Blizzard] to test and ultimately launch additional online monetization models of some of some of our biggest franchises like Call of Duty.”

According to the company, core gamers are generally willing to pay for additional, innovative online services that are currently not available on the market. Examples of such services were not specified.

5 thoughts on “ActiBlizz Seeking New Ways to Monetize Gameplay”

  1. Personally, I’m starting to wonder more and more whether or not the people at Activision actually LIKE video games…

    Still… whatever the future holds, millions of people like Activision games, so they probably have a point: people ARE willing to pay for extra services.

  2. It’s more ways to charge, this time it just happens to be for online services. But with the amount of partnerships they would have to foster to make this universal across multiplayer console/PC services, it might not be worth it….wonder if Activision is thinking of getting into the console business…..

    1. Don’t forget that Activision has already come out with a few home consoles… you know it is in the back of their head. And really, if Cod and GH go exclusive, a lot of people will probably get it.

      God I hate Activision!

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