20 Nov


When it comes to Activision’s blockbuster action franchise Call of Duty, two studios have been historically tapped when it comes time for development. Infinity Ward has handled the series’ more high-profile entries, with Treyarch contributing to the franchise’s various spin-off and secondary installments. But in a larger report covering the massive Modern Warfare 2 launch, it appears that the LA Times has discovered that the giga-publisher may add a third studio to the ranks.

While no solid details have emerged on the possible addition, Activision’s recent ambitions to spread the series to more portable platforms like the Nintendo DS and the iPhone could reasonably set development time for the franchise back limited to two-studio development.

Do you think that such a move is under way, and the right way to go for Activision? Could the inevitable semi-annual release schedule for the series lead to franchise fatigue? Let us know in the comments section below!