09 Nov


Ubisoft and Penguin Books announced a collaborative novel project, published by both parties, based on the video game developer’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed II. Called Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance, the book will hit retail shelves on November 26th, shortly after it’s video game counter-part’s European launch. The book completes Ubisoft’s tri-media endorsement of its unexpectedly popular stealth-action series, with its live-action film adaptation of the franchise with Hybride Studios (Assassin’s Creed: Lineage) netting 1.7 million views on Youtube in its first 24-hours.

“Penguin are hugely excited to be publishing the novelisation to the second Assassin’s Creed game” said Editorial Director Alex Clarke. “This partnership presents at last a way for traditional book-publishing to cross-over with the ever growing and increasingly exciting world of gaming media.” He continued, “Assassin’s Creed II offers a wonderfully rich gaming experience; Ubisoft have crafted a brilliant storyline with superbly realised characters which translates seamlessly into a wonderfully fast-paced and enthralling historical thriller. For Penguin this dovetails perfectly with the appetite of historical fiction fans.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Penguin Books” said Rob Cooper, Managing Director of Ubisoft. “Assassin’s Creed Renaissance will offer the public a new and exciting way to experience the narrative world of Assassin’s Creed II. The book deal with Penguin, along with the Assassin’s Creed Lineage film series, is part of an ambition to bring the Assassin’s Creed franchise to multiple entertainment media. These projects along with the game itself will provide a truly immersive experience.”

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