17 Nov

TheEndlessForest Banner

Belgian independent developer Tale of Tales, which brought us The Path, has released a new update for their MMO-Screensaver The Endless Forest. In this application, users take the form of a deer in a forest inhabited by other user-controlled animals. For more information, please hit the jump.

With no clear objective or way to communicate directly with other ‘players’, the application comes closer to a piece of art than an actual game. Nevertheless, Tale of Tales has released an update that allows players to visit ‘de drinkplaats’, which is Dutch for ‘the watering hole’. Inspired by a painting by the Dutch / Flemish painter Roelant Savery¬†from the 17th century, ‘de drinkplaats’ allows users of The Endless Forest to transform their deer into other animals that inhabit the forest, such as a bunny or raven. The Endless Forest is available free of charge on the website of Tale of Tales. More information can be found here.

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