03 Dec


The judges have come together and in their infinite wisdom have arrived at a decision.

beard-prideWe’re proud to announce that the winner of the 2009 Elder-Geek.com Beard-Off is our very own Jesse Baguchinsky. Jesse not only grew an awesome beard, but he then buzzed in a very cool Wolvy design into it. Jesse chose to achieve.

The judges have also come together to give special recognition to three other contestants.

Mats has been given a nod for his beard because, as one judge stated, “I didn’t know people could grow beards like that!”

Lax also receives recognition for his beard. The mayo definitely paid off, good sir.

And last, but certainly not least, Kipp received recognition for posting the beard that generated the most discussion in the comments section.

Congratulations to the winner(s)! A huge thank you to all who have put the time in and grew their beards out. A good showing was put in by all! This was a really fun contest! So…. should we do it again next year? Maybe a little earlier so we don’t have to worry about being bearded over a major holiday?

6 thoughts on “2009 Elder-Geek.com Beard-Off Winner Announcement!”

  1. Yes for next year, are you kidding me! And it has to be at the same time, No Shave November!

    Jesse definitely won, he paid homage to an iconic character in Geekdom, and for that he wins.

  2. I shaved like 3 times this month because of appointments. No way I could have entered.

    Also the winner is a bit disappointing. I wanted to see like a Jesus or Zeus beard.

  3. Awww POOP Skiddles! I knew I shouldn’t have worn the Wii shirt. If we do it again next year I think everyone should start off clean shaven. Also, Next year I’m totally going for a Zangief beard with a Mohawk.

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