31 Dec

Buzz Erik Lightyear, (and yes reports do say this is his name) recently spent 300,000 REAL dollars on a “Crystal Palace Space Station” in the game Entropia Online. This now sets the record for the most money ever spent on a virtual item.  This game is not well known in America, but is very popular in Europe. What sets this game apart is the currency is based on real world money, and has an exchange rate with the US Dollar of 10-1. The Swedish Government even recognizes the game as a legitimate bank, that it will exchange with. Apparently this Space Station sells items to other players, and reports indicate Lightyear will able to get a cut of this (no word on what Woody will be getting yet). Some could argue this is a good investment considering the popularity of the game? What do you think Elder-Geeks? Will he get his money back in the long run?

5 thoughts on “Man Spends $300,000 on Virtual Item!”

  1. Couldn’t you spend that money on developing an actual game?
    Damn if I had that type of money to throw around, I’d be getting something real and not buying virtual property. At the very least he could have gotten an escort and a kilo of cocaine and had some fun? Build an Enforcement Driod 209, buy 10000 fake hand grenades and leave them in your enemies homes with the pin missing, build a bat-cave, or hire someone to buy old cars so you can blow them up with military weapons, go to central park and fly in a structure that looks like the raptor cage from jurassic park, buy a boat & join the somali pirates, fill your friends house with jello when they are gone, create a hockey rink in your house, shit, use your imagination!

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