22 Dec

While many industries account for word of mouth as a supplemental advertisement route, the entertainment industry(video games in particular) take the grass-roots marketing campaign more seriously. In a recent study by financial agency Waggener Edstrom Worldwide found that a game’s “positive reception” by one’s friends was three times as likely to lead to a purchase when compared to other commercial strategies. In order of  least to highest influence, the other observed advertising campaigns were: retail, online demos, reviews, commercials, and other promotion types.

More importantly, the study reinforced the hardcore gamer, or “influence multiplier” as the study described them, as a trusted facet to video game purchases. Despite making up only 1/5th of surveyed gamers, these players’ veteran status lead to a solid weight and credibility. The study is buffered by the fact that, although overall game and consoles sales are down, hardcore titles are up.

“Compared to all video gamers, Influence Multipliers are a hyperinfluential subset of friends who are also far more connected to other gamers,” said Dan Gallagher, senior vice president, Insight & Analytics at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. “As a result, Influence Multipliers have an outsized network influence effect on their gaming colleagues. By targeting the media channels that Influence Multipliers rely on, marketers can optimize their marketing spending.”

3 thoughts on “Word of Mouth Found to be Largest Gaming Purchase Influence”

  1. Totally understandable. I bought both Assassins Creed II and Dragon Age Origins based solely on the recommendation of Randy and a few other people.

    Games don’t even need much advertising–they advertise themselves on forums everywhere.

  2. Cool, I would like to see the research behind this more closely to check for confounding variables.

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