22 Jan

Like most people out there, chances are you come to Elder-Geek for the latest news in video game character fashion…well perhaps thats a bit of a stretch, but in this video in preparation for Project Runway the Game, Tim Gunn host and star of the show has come forward to lend his expertise to our all time favorite plumber. So what do we think folks, does Tim have a point about service clothes? Check out the video below for the complete breakdown.

5 thoughts on “Tim Gunn of Project Runway Critiques Super Mario’s Sense of Style”

      1. Any RPG and any MMO, that would be hilarious, cause we all know there is a mix and match thing going on in MMOs and such, but mainly JRPGs since it always seems that the characters are always scantly clad and fashion clashing.

    1. I thought the fact they he tried to take it seriously was hilarious in itself. I think he did it on purpose, because I have seen him on the Tonight Show and stuff and he is actually really really smart and clever.

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