04 Feb

EA Sports has revealed their official annual Super Bowl predictions using Madden NFL 10 on the Xbox 360. The simulation reveals that the New Orleans Saints will pull an upset and win a victory over the Indianapolis Colts with a score of 35-31 at Super Bowl XLIV.

By utilizing each team’s current roster and latest player statistics, EA says they are able to accurately predict the outcome of both NFC and AFC Championship games within a 3 point margin for each game. EA has predicted the Super Bowl winner 5 out of 6 times since the official Madden NFL simulation back in 2004. Super Bowl XLIV kicks off Sunday February 7th in South Florida.

4 thoughts on “EA Sports: New Orleans Saints Defeat Indianapolis Colts 35-31”

  1. You better believe it ;). My Cajun family and I are going nuts over the Saints’ entry into the Superbowl this Sunday. Indianapolis will be marching out when my Saints come marching in. Who Dat?

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