28 Mar

Chris Millar, former producer at Blizzard Entertainment in the 1990s, has announced his founding of Atomic Operations, a new multimedia design studio. Atomic Operations will focus on developing new content across multiple media platforms, including movies and social media. Fellow industry noteworthy John Mundy will be the Creative Director of the new company, with Chris Coster acting as Senior Programmer. The Seattle-based Atomic Operations also employs former members of game companies like Namco, NCSoft, Microsoft, Pandemic, Sony, and Lionhead Studios.

“We are thrilled to be working alongside exceptional industry talent from all forms of entertainment,” states Millar. “By creating stakeholder-driven production teams similar to that of Hollywood film studios, we are able to visualize and execute high-caliber gaming experiences, from social and mobile media to the next iteration of gaming platforms.”

“We are working together in a focused creative-driven team atmosphere with strong external partners,” said John Mundy. “As a number of mega-studios struggle through this recession, a highly agile team can quickly navigate market shifts to finalize and deliver upon the goals of each project.”

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