28 Mar

Continuing their trend of unofficially opening the E3 festivities, Microsoft has announced that their motion control platform Project Natal will have a “World Premiere” event on June 13th, shortly before the first of exhibition for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the company’s own press conference on the following day. Industry predictions point at this event for concrete launch, pricing, and bundle options featuring the platform. Its also worth noting that “Project Natal” has yet to be declared the official name of the product, either. The e-mail teaser sent out to press also included an odd timeline of “life events”: including “Your First Day of School” and “Your First Crush,” with the final plotted event (“Your first look at the future of fun”) being an allusion to Natal in some capacity.

What do the E-Gs think we’ll see on the 13th? And what does this “life event” timeline mean? Give us your predictions below!