16 Apr

It’s a tragic kingdom indeed, according to the suit filed by the band No Doubt against Activision for supposed unauthorized use of their likeness for the in-game avatars in the music-rhythm game Band Hero. Activision has since counter-sued the band, claiming a lack of research on their part about the franchise’s practices in regards to avatars, and that they also failed to properly advertise the game as stipulated by their contract. A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kenji Machida issued a tentative ruling against Activision’s claim to freedom-of-speech justification for the avatar usage, although the video game publisher has the right to challenge the ruling at a later date.

Do the E-Gs agree with the Honorable Kenji Machida’s ruling? Pontificate for yourself in the comments below!

One thought on “No Doubt Wins Tenative Band Hero Suit”

  1. These artists have no respect for their fans.

    But not only that…
    They get a TREMENDOUS amount of completely FREE publicity out of their avatar being in a game, and they sue the company who gives them such?

    They deserve to DIAF.

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