19 May

Rebellion Studios has seen better days, recently closing its Oxford studio and laying off many employees across the board. According to Develop, however, there is concern that that may not be the extent of the company’s woes. Employers at Rebellion’s Derby headquarters may have withheld wages for the month of April (and related compensation packages) from its recently laid-off staff. If true, the act heightens the possibility of a bankruptcy claim coming in Rebellion’s future, which would allow such an action to take place.

“They seem to be claiming that as Rebellion Derby is registered as a separate legal entity, and it’s not currently making money, that [there is] no money to pay their remaining [staff],” explained the wife of one of the affected employees. “The feeling amongst those who have been left is that it looks like they will be putting the studio into liquidation in order to get out of paying the packages that they have agreed.”