26 Jul

The Dead Space franchise is all about the supplemental media products. The first game in the series had both an animated and paperback graphic novel version and the Starz animated feature “Dead Space: Downfall”, and this is in addition to the novel versions of the universe. Dead Space 2 continues the tradition with both a new graphic novel (“Dead Space: Salvage”) and animated feature (“Dead Space: Aftermath”), announced at the “Building a Horror Entertainment Franchise: Dead Space 2” panel at this year’s Comic Con.

“Salvage” tells a story of a rogue group of miners, the Magpies, who also stumble upon the dilapidated and infested USG Ishimura. Published by IDW and featuring art by famed science-fiction artist Christopher Shy, “Salvage” also brings the Ishimura into a political aspect of the universe, with the government getting in on the Ishimura incident and the necromorph threat it represents. The graphic novel is set to release this December.

“Aftermath” features the Fed more directly, explaining the Aegis VII incident where the government first sends in a crew to exposure of the game series’ mysterious Markers without their knowledge to its hazards. The film is once again produced by Starz and Film Roman, and is set to release direct to DVD and Blu-ray on January, 2011.

“It is tremendously inspiring to see Dead Space continually expand to more media. It has always been our goal to experience the universe through multiple lenses and our vision is being realized. The Dead Space world is living, breathing, and terrifying. We couldn’t be more excited about these new offerings,” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of the Dead Space franchise.

5 thoughts on “Dead Space Gets New Movie, Graphic Novel”

  1. I’m gonna be a sucker and watch the movie, to see how good it is, and probably get the graphic novel. Yeah I love Dead Space that much.

    1. Downfall was trite but decent, a worthy rental at least, especially for fans. I’m more interested in the graphic novel, the first had one of my favorite comic book artists on board.

      1. The previous comics were pretty cool, and the voiced version that was on PSN/XBL was awesome. I’m pretty excited… just not sure about Issac Clark being a space marine

      2. I rented Downfall to see what it was about, and I agree that it sucked. However I got it for $5 at a Hollywood Video store closing, so not bad, and I wouldn’t have paid more for it. I am also looking forward to the graphic novel myself, as I loved the first one. I am also probably going to get Ignition, just cause I can, to continue the story. Yeah I am a sucker, but I just love the universe.

  2. I feel like to many developers are using other types of media to tell the majority of their stories. It’s like they don’t realise the immense potential storytelling in game has, just look at Silent Hill or heck even Flower.

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