23 Sep

Asura’s Wrath, Capcom’s collaborative action title with CyberConnect2, made some waves at this year’s Tokyo Game Show with its impressive trailer and promise for rage-filled gameplay. Capcom is bringing the title back into the news with the announcement that it has licensed Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 for the title. This is Capcom’s fourth title to use the technology.

“At CyberConnect2, we have our own development process and know-how gained from years of development. But this time we decided to reconsider our process to achieve higher quality and efficiency. We tried a lot of different options and determined that Unreal Engine 3 was a perfect solution. Our developers were able to review the game in real time, and they continue to be productive throughout the process. I know we will deliver something amazing to the gaming world, and along the way, we will provide a showcase that will help show Japanese developers how to master the powerful functionality built into Unreal,” said Seiji Shimoda, CyberConnect2’s Game Director.

“Capcom and CyberConnect2 are two companies that are employing the very best of Japan’s creative minds today,” said Taka Kawasaki, “It’s rewarding to support their creative development through the use of our technology. I have no doubt in my mind that they will create titles like nothing we’ve seen built with Unreal to date.”

One thought on “Asura’s Wrath to be on Epic’s Unreal 3”

  1. Not saying this game is going to be bad, as it actually looks pretty good and the game mechanics right now seem interesting, but… Epic really needs to create a new Unreal Engine 3 as it is starting to show its age, especially with water textures making wet surfaces look like wet plastic.

    Still I am awaiting new information in this game and how many Buddhist Gods you will really be fighting.

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