28 Sep

The 99%-confirmed PSP2 has been in the news a lot since a NetherRealm employee divulged its existence. But it appears that the studio behind Mortal Kombat isn’t the only one to have had a look at the upcoming handheld. According to multiple sources within many different developers, the system has been making the studio rounds in preparation for a “significant” launch line-up of titles. A report out of Develop indicates that Sony has released dev kits for the handheld across a broad studio spectrum, lending credibility to rumors suggesting a reveal of the PSP2 in the coming months.

One thought on “PSP2 Gearing Up For ‘Significant’ Launch Lineup”

  1. Well they will need a significant launch line up to combat the 3DS launch line up plus all the DS back catalog. Sony really needs to keep UMDs, or finally allow people to transfer their games from UMD to digital media through a conversion kit to make their handheld successor more appealing to long time fans and new blood.

    Just a few more hours until Nintendo gives out its details about the 3DS. This is going to be interesting (not just how much the 3DS is going to cost and when it is coming out, but how Sony is going to respond if at all).

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