20 Oct

Nancy Graf, of St. Paul, Minnesota filed a class-action lawsuit against social games maker Zynga for allegedly sharing private data with advertisers. The litigation has been submitted on behalf of the 218 million users of Zynga products, and cites the company’s own deal with Facebook as the chief legal disruption. This is the second lawsuit brought against the company by representatives from Edelson McGuire LLC and Nassiri & Jung LLP, the other also pertaining to privacy violations.

“This appears to be another example of an online company failing the American public with empty promises to respect individual privacy rights,” explained Michael Aschenbrener of Edelson McGuire LLC, co-lead attorney for the class action.

“Companies large and small need to learn to follow through on their privacy promises or risk having consumers decide that it is simply not worth it to use their services,” added Kassra Nassiri of Nassiri & Jung LLP, the suit’s other co-lead attorney.