29 Oct

It might not seem like Activision-Blizzard ever needs a new MMO with the consistent success of World of Warcraft, but that hasn’t stopped the developer from beginning production on a new, unrelated project. Speaking to Gametrailers, Mike Morhaime hinted at a more thorough reveal in 2012, and assured gamers that the new game would not replace current favorites.

“We’re thinking of it as sort of a next-generation MMO. It’s not a sequel to World of Warcraft – we want to do something a bit different.” assured Morhaime, “We’re not trying to replace World of Warcraft. We think that World of Warcraft can continue co-existing with our new MMO and some people might prefer the new one, some people might still prefer to play World of Warcraft. But I think after building World of Warcraft the first time, we’re so much smarter now.”

“We have a lot of expertise that we didn’t have before. And I think we also want to sort of… every massively multiplayer game doesn’t have to be similar to the ones that exist today.” Morhaime continued, “We think you can go in different directions and still have a great massively multiplayer experience and we want to sort of experiment with what that might look like.”