29 Oct

While Nintendo’s overall sales may be on the rare decline, the Big N can always rely on the Italian plumber to bring home the bacon. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has passed the 5 million sold mark since its release this past May, announced Nintendo earlier this week. Many predict the title to surpass the original Galaxy (8.89 million sold as of May 2010), by its one year anniversary on store shelves.

2 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2 Sells 5 Million Units”

  1. So just to clarify. The sequel sold 5 million units, and the original sold 8.89. That means that your title headliner needs to have a two in it, as to not confuse people.

    Besides that little comment, it is good to see that platformer sales can reach the millions. Granted this is a Nintendo title, and a Mario one at that, it is good to see that platformers are selling well.

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