12 Jan

Picture is a rumored, yet-unconfirmed design

MCV has heard through the “anonymous source” grapevine that Sony is planning to finally announce the existence of the PSP2 later this month. According to these sources, the device will be unveiled at a Tokyo Press Event on January 27th. The date is a perfect counter to Nintendo’s American 3DS event eight days earlier, but Sony maintains its lack of comment on all rumors policy.

One thought on “Rumor: PSP2 to be Revealed Later This Month?”

  1. Well Sony has to do something soon, cause the 3DS looks like it will be a hard system to contend with if Sony doesn’t release details soon.

    I really want the PSP2 to still use UMDs or give the option to convert them to digital version, so I can go out and pick up a bunch of games to play them on the system. Looks like the second half of this month will be interesting with all these system and game announcements.

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