12 Mar

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

Have you heard of a little strategy game series Total War? If so, you’ve already pre-ordered Total War: Shogun 2. If you already have it pre-purchased on Steam, then the folks at Valve are ready to reward you for your purchase with 8 in-game items for their popular online shooter title, Team Fortress 2. For the full list of swag, follow the jump.

The Dread Knot – A samurai topknot for the Heavy.

The Samur-Eye A kabuto helmet for the Demo Man.

The Geisha Boy – a geisha hairdo for the Medic.

The Noh Mercy – A terrifying oni mask for the Spy.

The Half-Zatoichi -A level 5 Katana for the Demo Man and Soldier.

The Conchero – A level 5 Sashimono for the Soldier.

Conniver’S Kunai – A level 1 Kunai for the Spy.

The Fan O’War – A level 5 Gunbai for the Scout.

Are you glad to see Valve giving more reasons to purchase a game? Think Half-Life 3 development is a better time investment? Let us know in the comments!