17 May

Frictional Games has announced that the extra in-game content that was released as part of the Potato Sack alternate reality game, has been made available to all owners of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Previously the content update, which goes by the name of Justine, was only available through Steam. Users who purchased the game on other platforms, such as GamersGate and Direct2Drive, will now also be able to enjoy the content.

The developer further announced that the recent update also includes five short stories written by the same writer who worked on the game itself. These short stories will feature illustrations by Frictional Games concept artists.

Finally, the developer also indicated that it will make the Amnesia: The Dark Descent soundtrack available for free to all players who had pre-ordered the game. Users who aren’t eligible for this offer may purchase the soundtrack from the Frictional Games store for $8.99.

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