22 Jul


The Playstation Network has been a depository for quirk before, no doubt, but Sideway is carving a niche for itself on an already niche-filled platform. For starters, you play as a living spray of graffiti, bounding about street art on and around the corners of various building-sized levels. The controls are your age-old basic, with single and double jumps and collectibles (here realized as spray cans), all set to a hip-hip soundtrack.

The story, simple as expected, tasks you – as a transformed street artist named Nox – with defeating an evil artistic counterpart by the name of Fume. Although the way Fume’s cronies will act as stage bosses.

Sideway is scheduled for release sometime later this year on Playstation Network, for $10.

(via IGN)

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One thought on “Comic-Con Introduces Us to the Hip-Hop Mario, ‘Sideway’”

  1. This looks awesome, like Psychonauts mixed with Crushed… and the whole time I was just bobing my head.

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