08 Sep

Hello there! We submit for your approval the Elder-Geek Game Club, a new Podcast here on Elder-Geek.com. We started this show over on Shamoozal.com and had so much fun working with Randy that we decided to officially move it over to the E-G Network.

The Original US Box Art for Shatterhand

If you’re new to the Game Club here’s how it works. The show works in 2 week cycles. We’ll post a poll with two games (usually a retro, classic or indie title) to the web site. We ask our listeners to vote for the game that they want us to play and discuss. More importantly we want them to vote for the game they want to play as well.

Over the next 10-12 days Randy, Phil and I will play the game and put together our thoughts. Then every other Tuesday we meet up and discuss the game for the podcast. We also like to include some history about the game and some samples of music.

This time around we played Shatterhand, a game that came late in the NES life cycle.

So please give it a listen, and leave us some feedback! You can also send your feedback via email to eldergeekgameclub@gmail.com

You can subscribe to the RSS Feed right here or click the itunes button below.

Also, don’t forget to vote for the game in the next Game Club. The Poll is below (Ikaruga or Radiant Silvergun) and closes on Saturday 9/10 at 6:00 PM EST. Ikaruga can currently be found on XBLA for 800MSP and can also be found on Nintendo Gamecube. Radiant Silvergun on the other hand will be available on XBLA on September 14th, or if you’re really hardcore can be played on a Sega Saturn. Vote on the game you’d like to play along with us and be sure to leave your thoughts on the winner before we record our next show on September 20th.


9 thoughts on “Elder-Geek Game Club #6 – Shatterhand”

  1. I hope the EG crowd enjoys the show.

    Also I listened back, and sorry I kept coming in and out… must have had a poor connection that night. :(

    And please contribute people, that would be awesome.

  2. Ah, but see we want you to vote so that you can play the next game along with us and then post your thoughts on it.

  3. Having a question in text along with the pool would give it more context so those who do vote before listening to the show for the first time are given the reason to vote.

  4. My take on Ikaruga when I did play on the Gamecube.
    Its such a hard game ~_~
    I really enjoy the concept with the light to dark switching but the game is not very noob friendly as I have only played a few shooters in my time. In the end I gave up on it since shooters like Ikaruga are only for people who are willing to invest the time in it.

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