27 Oct

As part of a Kirby’s Return to Dream Land panel discussion on Nintendo’s “Iwata Asks”, the team at HAL Laboratory went into detail for the first time on the 11-year gap between console Kirby game releases. During that time, three titles featuring the pink puffball began development but were eventually scrapped.

All unnamed, the games were a four-person co-op adventure (canceled due to multiplayer design difficulties), a 3D exploration game (canceled due to low quality), and a more traditionally animated Kirby game with “pop-up book” style visuals (no reason given for the cancellation).

“We wanted to bring it out when the fans wanted, but the movement wouldn’t feel right or we wanted to deliver more of a surprise to the fans, and we couldn’t bring one out in final form.” Shigefumi Kawase, Return to Dream Land‘s Producer, explained, “We experienced that difficulty for 11 years.”

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