26 Jan

The Entertainment Software Association, more commonly known as the ESA, has announced that the state of California will be reimbursing around $950,000 for legal expenses made during the US Supreme Court case in June 2011. The ruling in this case granted videogames the same protection with regards to freedom of speech as enjoyed by media such as films and books. So far, the ESA has already received more than $3.1 million to cover all of the legal expenses it incurred during the legal battle.

Part of the funds received will be donated to an after-school program related to video game development, that will be launched by the ESA next spring.

2 thoughts on “California to Reimburse $950,000 for ESA Legal Fees”

  1. That sounds like such a mess, is New Orleans still in a very bad way? if yes I’ve got a better idea, why don’t they use that money to completely fix New Orleans or some other US state? ridiculus.

    People everywhere in the World(except maybe Saudi Arabia =P) talk about depression then they spend that amount of money on ‘legal fees’ =/

    1. NO! California has one of the biggest deficits in the nation, and giving that money to another state is not the right thing to do. Sure New Orleans needs help, but so does the whole state of California.

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