Abobo's Big Adventure 27 Jan

This episode of the Elder Geek Game Club is all about the Free-to-Play hit Abobo’s Big Adventure.

Show Notes

00:00 – 00:42 MUSIC – Double Dragon – Jimmy & Billy Theme
00:43 – 01:40 Introductions
01:41 – 04:50 Abobo’s Big Adventure History
04:51 – 25:35 Our thoughts on Abobo’s Big Adventure
25:36 – 27:47 Thoughts on rebuying classic Nintendo games if they had acheivements
27:48 – 31:40 Steve and Phil are reminded of how great Retro Game Challenge is
31:41 – 34:13 The Abobo Arcade Cabinet, and additional Abobo thoughts
34:14 – 35:28 MUSIC – Mega Man 2 Quickman Theme
35:29 – 39:32 Community Feedback
39:33 – 43:44 Next Game on the Game Club – Bastion
43:45 – 46:50 Leave us a review! Some Zune talk
46:51 – 49:46 Jumpman Podcast, some minor Resident Evil talk, Elder-Geek.com features, Wrap up
49:47 – 50:57 MUSIC – Contra Waterfall Theme

Next Episode of Game Club: Bastion

The game for the next episode of the Game Club is Bastion. Please check it out, play along with us and be sure to leave your thoughts on the game before we record our next show on February 9th.

Thank You to everyone that listened to the show, played along with the Game Club and gave us some comments and thoughts to read during the show! Please don’t forget we’re on itunes now and we need feedback and ratings! We hope you’re enjoying the Game Club as much as we are! Thank you for your support!

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3 thoughts on “Elder-Geek Game Club #16 – Abobo’s Big Adventure”

  1. Oh I meant to say this last night, but I think my favorite free game is Ninja Senki. It’s a throwback to the old Gameboy Color games and plays similar to a Megaman game. It’s awesome. http://ninjasenki.com/

    Also, another game where you play the bad guy that escaped me *spoilers* Braid.

  2. I just finished the Bastion, really, REALLY good. The narrator is an excellent story telling mechanic, although the end really was kinda weak. I like the idea of multiple endings, I don’t like the idea of moral choices popping up at the end. Have developers forgotten how to do multiple endings?

    I loved the weapons… sorta wish they went a little more crazy, but what we have is effective in certain situations. I finished the game using the shotgun and the mortar. I never really used my special attacks. They never seemed super practical.

    At the end of the day though, Bastion was still one of my favorite games of last year.

  3. Bastion was one of the few games I actually finished in 2011.

    The combat was so fun and was always exciting. The weapons were just so unique and varied.
    The pacing was superb and the narrator made the game special.
    The adjustable difficulty with the Idols was quite incredible as it was entirely up to you how hard you want the game to be.

    Overall, Bastion is a true gem of a game.

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