One thought on “Elder-Geek Joins the Fight Against SOPA and PIPA”

  1. Nice to finally see your face Randy, now your not just a nice dis-embodied voice =P

    As far as I can see with this and what some friends have said about it this seems like an attack on virtual freedom, if all that stuff is outlawed then the web won’t be the web anymore.

    Developers, and other artists(film and music etc) are always gonna be battling against piracy it’s the way the web is these days, so many shared things.

    But if they want to battle pirate downloading then they should do it in a better way, a way that doesn’t go against everybody, it’ll be so hard for them but this seems like the easy way out.

    The internet especially the big sharing/broadcasting sites like YouTube etc will be effected the most I think, probably about 3/4 of their videos have content that’s owned by someone else, not sure what’s gonna happen but hope this SOPA doesn’t take over.

    Does what they’re trying to do go against amendments in the US?

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