nintendo 27 Nov

Two major Nintendo consoles seem to have changes heading their way. Nintendo may be looking to get one last round of sales from it’s aging Wii hardware, as a rumor suggest development of a Wii Mini. According to the Nintendo World Report, the Mini will come with a Nunchuck, sensor bar, and a WiiMote Plus, although exactly how compact the new system would be was not discussed. It is rumored to go on sale next Friday, December 7th.  Nintendo has announced that no more first party content will be coming to the platform, so this rumored revision may be simply to reduce costs to bring the console down to a low enough market value to ride out one last quarter of sales.

Nintendo’s most recent handheld, the 3DS may also be getting another price cut. A rumor has come out from CheapAssGamer that the regular 3DS will be reduced to a price of $139.99 in two weeks, and a 3DS XL Bundle with Mario Kart 7 will be now be priced at $199.99. If true, this will be the 3DS’ second major cut, after its much publicized drop to $180 last year, following its lukewarm launch period at $250.

(Via Sidemission and CheapAssGamer)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly