21 Jul

Following news we reported earlier today on Dante’s Inferno being adapted into comic-book, more publishers have announced their plans to use comic books or graphic novels as a marketing tool for their upcoming releases.

Disney announced today that it will release a 128-page graphic novel, consisting of 6 different stories that will function as a prequel to the Sands of Time movie that will be released in May 2010. The graphic novel will be released one month ahead of the movie, with the cover art being designed by Todd McFarlane (Spiderman). Not surprisingly, more information surrounding this graphic novel will be available at the San Diego Comic Con International coming Friday.

Other comic book news today came from EA, which revealed that  a 4-part comic book series will be published surrounding the Mass Effect 2 game and the series will be known as Mass Effect: Redemption. The story arcs of these 4 comics will be integrated into the game, and will most likely serve as a bridge between the first and second instalments in the Mass Effect series. The first comic in the series will be available on the 6th of January 2010, which is ahead of Mass Effect 2‘s release date, which is set for ‘Early 2010’. Once again, more information will be revealed on Friday, the second day of the San Diego conference.

The final revelation for today comes from Raven Software and Activision, who stated that their IP Singularity will also be adapted into a graphic novel. Little else is known about it, as Singularity itself is also still shrouded in mystery. The novel will be available early 2010 however, which is also the release window for the game. Authors of this graphic novel will be available all three days of the Comic Con, but at unspecified times.

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  1. Gimme a Max Payne graphic novel. Seriously. Get Frank Miller on that and release it alongside or bundled with Max Payne 3. Surely the publishers realize the ludicrous amount of money it would make.

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