04 Sep

MassEffect 2 Banner

During the first day of the Penny Arcade Expo, held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, EA has released 4 new screenshots for Bioware’s upcoming Action / RPG Mass Effect 2. The four screenshots show Commander Sheppard in combat alongside an ally, another one showing off what Sheppard does best (blowing stuff up), a closeup of the new Grunt character, and another shot of the aforementioned ally brandishing a sniper rifle. The screenshots can be after hitting the link. MassEffect 2 Screens 040909 1MassEffect 2 Screens 040909 2

MassEffect 2 Screens 040909 4MassEffect 2 Screens 040909 3

Additionally, Gametrailers released an interview with Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka from the recent Cologne Gamescom several days ago. It reveals little new information regarding the game, but shows off several nice gameplay moments. The interview can also be found below. The game does not have a fixed release date yet.