01 Oct


The video game industry has never been on the lighter side of the modern Green movement. Each of the major console manufacturers run a bit too gritty for environmentalist tastes, and now it seems one of our biggest publishers has got some major issues with pollution. In Newsweek’s “Green Rankings” of the Top 500 companies in the United States, Activision Blizzard ranked #416, worse than Walmart (#59), Gamestop (#228), Electronic Arts (#381) and – surprisingly – ExxonMobil (#395.) Considering the oil company has been under fire for multiple oil spills, this is not good company to be in.

The methodology used to calculate a business’ green rank can be found here. This is similar to Greenpeace’s earlier analysis of the three major consoles of this generation: with Nintendo continuing to be the least green, followed by the Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3 (although none of the console makers managed a perfect score from the environmental lobby.)