23 Oct

Self proclaimed video game visionary Peter Molyneux has made a declaration once again. This time claiming that the following five games were the most revolutionary over the past twenty years.

• The RTS Dune 2: The game took players away from twitch play to a cerebral approach.
• Super Mario 64: The true precursor to the likes of GTAIV as it ushered in free roaming in an open environment.
• Tomb Raider: The game featured an iconic heroine instead of a muscle-bound man.
• Halo: The title brought FPS games to consoles.
• World of Warcraft: The use of “carrot dangling” to drive players to keep playing.

What do we think about this E-G’s? Any other games you feel may be more revolutionary?

7 thoughts on “Peter Molyneux Picks 5 Most Revolutionary Games of the Last 20 Years”

  1. Samus was around WAY before Laura Croft, Moleneux you disappoint me. Wait, never mind, you have disappointed me all along, you make too many promises and can’t deliver, maybe he should run for government, he would fit perfectly.

    Halo did not bring FPSes to consoles, it just popularized them, and that is good and bad at the same time (see MW2 for PC).

    Dune 2 I agree with.

    SM64 and GTAIV have nothing in common, CHRIST Moleneux get your facts straight. Only free roaming are in common, but SM64 isn’t full free roaming. Hell there were games before SM64 that were free roaming, Christ, Moleneux.

    WOW, DAMN, you are an idiot, there were more MMOs before WOW that did the “Carrot Dangling” thing, see Ever Quest, and other MMOs.

    Moleneux you disappoint me yet again.

  2. Counter Strike for being an awesome mod that turned into its own game. Wolfenstein for introducing the FPS genre as a whole. Mario for revolutionizing platformer games for the better. Castlevania for making 2D action games purely awesome. Ninja Gaiden for making games challenging, and for keeping them challenging. Silent Hill/Resident Evil for making Survival Horror games popular. Any other good ones I missed, I know there are a lot.

  3. Dune 2? Try some Sid Meier’s Civilization.

    Super Mario 64? Not really an ‘open world’ as it was an extremely glorified level selection screen. And besides, it’s not exactly a non-linear game. Not a ‘precursor’ to GTA IV.

    Tomb Raider? Would someone please tell Mr. Molnyeux that Samus is a girl? And how about, oh…I don’t know…Terra? Maybe Elaine Marley? Though she wasn’t the protagonist, Guybrush certainly wasn’t a muscle-bound man.

    Halo? I disagree, good sir. GOLDENEYE brought it to consoles because it was EXCLUSIVE to consoles.

    WoW? What about Everquest?

    This is yet another reason for me to despise Peter Molyneux. The other reasons being Populous, Black & White, and Fable. AND HIS STUPID DOO DOO FACE.

  4. Halo brought the FPS genre to consoles? What?! Does he know Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Medal of Honor and the Turok series?

    WoW is just another MMO, with very accessible gameplay, but how could he forget Ultima Online and Everquest?

    Tomb Raider? Yes, it had a female protagonist, but many people will agree that the controls were awful and that the game was just another plattformer.

    A terrible list from a horribly arrogant man, but hey, at least he didn’t add Fable on the list.

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