10 Nov

Hardware GameBoy Banner

Several months after celebrating its twentieth ‘birthday’, the Nintendo Game Boy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York last week. The Nintendo Game Boy was first sold in 1989, and was replaced by the Game Boy Color in 1998. Despite the obvious superiority of the Game Boy Color, the older Game Boy had such a large installed base, that games compatible with both handhelds would be sold for many more years. The last Game Boy compatible game was released in 2002, in Japan, giving the handheld an effective life span of over 13 years.

2 thoughts on “Game Boy Inducted into “Toy Hall of Fame””

  1. I never had the brick, my friend has one too. I had one of the original Game Boy Pockets that didn’t have a power light. But that broke, so I had my dad drive me 30 mins out to Redmond to get that replaced, as well as a copy of Link’s Awakening. But it is nice to see it in, well deserved. Cause we all know that the Game Boy is the Hardest Substance Known to Man.

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