20 Nov


In yet another odd interview turn-of-phrase, developer-extraordinaire Shigeru Miyamoto had some interesting ways to describe the latest take on one of his classic franchises, New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Already poised to be Nintendo’s biggest hit this holiday season, Miyamoto goes beyond the draw of multiplayer to give his true feelings on the project in hi recent talks with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

“It was a courageous choice for the developers,” said Miyamoto to Famitsu, “We went with a very orthodox Mario despite the capabilities of modern game systems. With this game, though, our only really overall goal was multiplayer. I figured that as long as multi-play was fun, then simpler would be better for everything else, both to players and to us creators. To put it bluntly, I would’ve been just fine with basically making a multiplayer Super Mario World. That’s not too terribly interesting, though, so our goal was to create a new and serious 2D Mario, insert multiplayer into that, and make it enjoyable for all walks of gamer.”

Think the title was as unorthodox as Miyamoto believes? Give us your rebuttal in the space below?

4 thoughts on “Miyamoto: New SMB Wii was a Courageous Choice”

  1. The title played it as safely as it could. But I think that is fine. For every safe mario game, there tends to be one that takes a bit of a chance.

  2. The game is great. I love how they threw a little of 3 and World in the game, but the game runs exclusively in widescreen and the text burns my eyeballs out while being played on my SDtv, something that shouldn’t happen with a Wii title.

    I have a HDtv in my bedroom that I can use, but it just doesn’t make any sense that a game like this would be designed for that kind of TV when the Wii’s maximum resolution is 480p.

  3. Go with what works. That’s what I say. If games like Trine, Braid, and the PixelJunk titles taught us anything, it’s that you can have glorious HD graphics with finely hewn and tight 2D gameplay.

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