17 Dec


The editorial writers at Adweek Media have compiled their list of the best advertisements of the decade as part of their “Best in 2000s” countdowns. The only two game-related pieces to make the extensive list were Halo 3’s “Diorama” trailer, which featured a scrawling shot of an epic diorama-esque art piece depicting a battle between the UNSC and the Convenant, and the Playstation 2’s “Mountain” trailer, which literally asked consumers to become “king of the mountain” with the system’s online services. While neither of the trailers made it past the finalist stage, the prize went to automaker Honda for their “Grr” commercial. Both of the trailers can be viewed in their entirety after the jump.  Make sure to give us some of your favorite trailers that AdWeek might have missed in the comments section below!

5 thoughts on “Adweek Names PS2/Halo Ads Some of the “Best of the Decade””

  1. Just to get the trailer pimps started here…

    Not even a mention of the controversial Xbox “Live is Short, Play More” ad? Or the ‘Gears of War’ “Mad World” trailer?

  2. I’ve never seen that PS2 ad before. Another one of those weird ads that Sony and MS tend to do.

    Glad to see that Halo3 trailer… it is seriously an amazing ad.

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