11 Dec


What do you get when you cross zen-like simplicity with challenging mechanics? You get a really addictive and entertaining brew that is Tipoli. In Tipoli, gamers control two balls named Mint, a green sticky ball, and Periwinkle, a purple bouncy ball. Both characters are linked by a chain of love symbolized by a link of hearts. The point of the game is simple: find a way to walk your characters to the giant heart on the other side of the screen. The location of the heart varies from level to level, but the concept is the same, nonetheless.

As you progress from level to level, the maze gets more and more complex forcing you to plot a strategy on how to reach the giant heart at the other end. Though this initially seems frustrating, there are save points in the shape of hollow hearts that you get to collect in the longer levels, which mitigates some of the potential frustration that you will face. There are also special levels that are unlocked by collecting little hearts that are spread out throughout different levels within each tier of the game. As you scroll through the level selection menu, you will see subtle hints for each level in the form of cryptic sentences.


The graphical environment is very soothing. Though it may seem simple, the varying lines and shapes work effectively with the game’s mechanics.  The music gives the game a nice relaxing ambiance, but can get repetitive after an hour of play. Despite that, it provides the light touch that makes the game all the more inviting to those looking for a nice, easy game to pick up and enjoy.

Overall, Tipoli is a great game for people who just want to pick something up and play without having to learn any complicated controls or rules. All you need to do is tap the screen to alternate between the green and purple balls to effectively coordinate your movements. Simple game play with a nice balance of challenging levels make this a highly addictive game, great for one of those who is looking to kill time during that long, dreadful commute or a quick fix in between commercials. Its 99 cent value on iTunes provides a great abundance of levels and a decent number of hours of game play.